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ANZLIC—the Spatial Information Council is the peak intergovernmental organisation providing leadership in the collection, management and use of spatial information in Australia and New Zealand.

Foundation Spatial Data Framework

The Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) provides a common reference for the assembly and maintenance of Australian and New Zealand foundation level spatial data in order to serve the widest possible variety of users. It will deliver a national coverage of the best available, most current, authoritative source of foundation spatial data which is standardised and quality controlled. The FSDF is an ANZLIC sponsored initiative.

Modernisation of the FSDF is a key initiative under the ANZLIC Strategic Plan 2020-24. This includes alignment with the
UN-GGIM's 14 fundamental geospatial themes. In May 2020, ANZLIC endorsed the inclusion of four additional themes to the FSDF, namely:
Buildings and Settlements; Population Distributions; Geology and Soils; and Physical Infrastructure.

Jurisdictions will collaborate, including through ICSM to implement ANZLIC’s updated roadmap (May 2022) to include these four additional data themes in the FSDF and increase the accuracy and reliability of the FSDF, adopting 3D and 4D formats where possible.

Buildings and Settlements
Geology and Soils
Physical Infrastructure
Population Distribution
  • Latest News

    Annual Progress Report on the Updated Roadmap to continue to implement ANZLIC's Strategic Plan 2020-24

    8 May 2023

    ANZLIC has published its Annual Progress Report on the updated roadmap to continue to implement its Strategic Plan 2020-24. The Progress Report highlights the significant achievements across the jurisdictions between May 2022 and May 2023.

    Highlights from ANZLIC’s November 2022 meeting

    9 Dec 2022

    Highlights from the November 2022 ANZLIC meeting include an update from SSSI CEO, Tony Wheeler, on the merger of SSSI and SIBA-GITA, a presentation on the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network (SouthPAN), a demonstration from the NSW ANZLIC Member, Narelle Underwood, on the recently released Bathurst Spatial Digital Twin, and an update from the Chair of the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping, Craig Sandy, on the CRSBANZ National Competency Framework for Graduates and Licensed Surveyors.