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ANZLIC Governance

ANZLIC Terms of Reference

The ANZLIC Terms of Reference describes ANZLIC’s purpose, responsibilities, membership and meeting arrangements, and the roles of ANZLIC members and its leadership team.

ANZLIC’s purpose

The Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council is the peak intergovernmental group of senior officials providing leadership to government, industry and the community on all aspects of spatial service delivery and information.

ANZLIC’s vision is that all decision-makers have access to high quality spatial information that supports enhanced economic, social and environmental outcomes across Australia and New Zealand. 

ANZLIC’s responsibilities

ANZLIC is responsible for:

  • Providing leadership and direction to achieve a standardised approach for provision of foundation spatial data and services within jurisdictions and at the national level.
  • Developing a strategic plan and annual program of activities that support accessible, innovative and integrated spatial data and services. 
  • Leading collaboration and sharing solutions to common spatial issues between jurisdictions and amongst the wider spatial industry and research sector.
  • Promoting and advocating on spatial priorities of strategic importance with key stakeholders and decision makers in government and across the spatial industry and related sectors.
  • Coordinating the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) as ANZLIC’s delivery arm, in the delivery of spatial data initiatives.

ANZLIC Contact Officers Terms of Reference

The ANZLIC Contact Officers Terms of Reference describes the governance arrangements, role and membership of the ANZLIC Contact Officers group.

ANZLIC Contact Officers’ purpose

The purpose of ANZLIC Contact Officers is to support ANZLIC members by:

  • Assisting ANZLIC members to communicate strategic and tactical priorities to key jurisdictional stakeholders needed to lead change
  • Leading jurisdictional information sharing between ANZLIC and ICSM representatives in the interests of addressing priorities identified by both ANZLIC and ICSM
  • Sourcing jurisdictional advice to ensure ANZLIC members are well informed and can add value at ANZLIC
  • Preparing briefing and other papers for ANZLIC meetings.