FSDF Themes & Datasets

The Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) provides a common reference for the assembly and maintenance of Australian and New Zealand foundation level spatial data in order to serve the widest possible variety of users. It will deliver a national coverage of the best available, most current, authoritative source of foundation spatial data which is standardised and quality controlled. The FSDF is an ANZLIC sponsored initiative.

Below is a list of all the datasets by theme.

Full Excel spreadsheet is available here.


Dataset Name

Dataset Custodian

Dataset Description

Geocoded Addressing Geocoded National Address File PSMA Australia Limited  G-NAF validates the captured address and makes it possible to verify a physical address and locate its position.
Geocoded Addressing Postal Address File Australia Post A physical or virtual address used by a recipient for the purposes of receiving correspondence through Australia Post.
Administrative Boundaries Jurisdictional Boundaries PSMA Australia Limited Jurisdictional boundaries are a collection of legislative, regulatory, political and general administrative boundaries sourced from Federal, State and Territory authorities
Administrative Boundaries Australian Statistical Geographical Standards Boundaries Australian Bureau of Statistics The geographical boundaries that divide the area of interest on which the statistics are collected
Administrative Boundaries Australian Electoral Boundaries Australian Electoral Commission The geographical boundaries that divide the area of interest for the purposes of an election or referendum
Administrative Boundaries Maritime Boundaries Geoscience Australia The delineation of the baseline from which the outer limits of the various maritime zones are measured
Positioning Station Coordinates and Maps Geoscience Australia Coordinates of sites within the Australian Regional GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Network (ARGN), South Pacific Regional GNSS Network (SPRGN), AuScope Network and the Asia-Pacific Reference Frame (APREF).
Weekly station coordinates from these sites can be found on the Geoscience Australia anonymous FTP server in SINEX and PDF format along with a summary file. These weekly solutions are based on a combination of the 7 daily solutions and are aligned to the IGS08 reference frame which is the IGS realization of ITRF2008.
Place Names National Gazetteer of Australia Geoscience Australia A geographical index or dictionary of the names of cultural and physical features and their associated location in Australia.
Land Parcel and Property Land Parcels PSMA Australia Limited Contains a seamless national database of cadastral boundaries, excluding easements and road drainage easements, and parcel identifiers which are compatible with jurisdictional land titles.
Land Parcel and Property Land Tenure PSMA Australia Limited Hierarchical classification of land parcels; aligning land tenure classifications to cadastral parcel identifiers
Imagery Low Resolution Geoscience Australia This imagery has been collected at the National level since the 1970s and includes MODIS, AVHRR, VIIRS sensors carried on satellites which capture image data at specific frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum.
Imagery Medium Resolution Geoscience Australia This imagery has been collected at the National level since 1979 and includes MSS, TM, ETM+, Aster and OLI sensors carried on satellites which capture image data at specific frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum.
Imagery High Resolution Geoscience Australia This imagery has been collected at a Local / Regional level since 1998, Regional level since 2005 and National level since 2009 and includes data obtained from SPOT, ALOS and HyMap sensors carried on satellites which capture image data at specific frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum.
Imagery Very High Resolution State and Territory Jurisdictions This is airborne imagery that has been collected at a National level from 1947-1988 and at Regional and Urban levels since the 1970s.
Transport Roads PSMA Australia Limited Defined paths for the transfer of goods or movement of vehicles and people. They do not have fixed tracks for vehicular movement like a railway. Includes foot tracks, cycleways and ferry routes.
Transport Railways and Railway Stations PSMA Australia Limited Transport systems using one or more rails to move vehicles carrying freight or passengers.
Transport Airports and Airfields PSMA Australia Limited Defined areas intended to be used for the arrival, departure and surface movement of aircraft and associated cargo, and the transfer of goods and passengers from one form of transport to the air network (and vice versa).
Transport Navigational Aids and Obstacles - Land Geoscience Australia Variable forms of markers or devices that aid travellers in determining their position or safe course. Includes transmission lines, buildings, radio towers and masts, skyscrapers, chimneys on power plants. (Note this may be an information product rather than a dataset).
Transport Crossing PSMA Australia Limited Structures built to facilitate transport over or under another physical feature. Includes bridges, tunnels, fords, culverts and boardwalks.
Transport Traffic Control Devices PSMA Australia Limited Structures used to control, calm, slow or impede the movement of traffic on another transport feature.
Water Surface Hyrdology   The Surface Hydrology dataset provides a set of related feature classes to be used as the basis of the production of consistent hydrological information.
Water Catchments Boundaries Geoscience Australia Catchments Boundaries represent geographic surface boundaries that have a hydrological relationship to surface hydrology features.
Water Hydrological Obstacles Geoscience Australia Hydrological Obstructions are manmade features that impact the water network either by obstruction, diversion or storage of water.
Water Flow Direction Grid Department of Agriculture and Water Resources A national regular grid of surface flow directions accompanying the GEODATA 9 Second Digital Elevation Model Version 3
Water Groundwater Bureau of Meteorology Nationally consistent set of groundwater boundaries and properties including aquaifer boundaries, geomertry, salinity, yield and hydraulic conductivity.
Water Groundwater Bores Bureau of Meteorology National consistent set of bores information including purpose (ie monitoring, irrigation and commercial water use) as well as lithology, construction and hydrostratigraphy logs, 2D and 3D aquifer geometry.
Water Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Bureau of Meteorology Ecological and hydrogeological information on known groundwater dependent ecosystems and ecosystems that potentially use groundwater
Elevation and Depth 1 Second Derived DEM Geoscience Australia National DEM provides a national authoritative digital representation of the Earth’s surface
Elevation and Depth 50m Multibeam Dataset Geoscience Australia Provides and understanding of the nature of the seafloor.
Elevation and Depth Coastal Zone   Various depictions of the coast ranging from lowest tide to highest tide.
Land Cover and Land Use Dynamic Land Cover Geoscience Australia Provides nationally consistent land cover information at 250 metre resolution. It is essential to understanding and addressing a range of national challenges such as drought, salinity, water availability and ecosystem health.
Land Cover and Land Use Fractional Ground Cover CSIRO Is the fraction of an area that is covered by a specific cover type such as green or photosynthetic vegetation, non-photosynthetic vegetation (i.e. stubble, senescent herbage, leaf litter) or bare soil/rock.
Land Cover and Land Use National Vegetation Information System Department of the Environment It provides a comprehensive means of describing and representing vegetation information based on establishing relationships between structural and floristic data.
Land Cover and Land Use National Forest Inventory Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Describes the extent and distribution of Australia's major forest types
Land Cover and Land Use National Topographic Data Geoscience Australia Contains elements that form key constraints in defining various land cover data sets and also provides data for mapping the built environment.
Land Cover and Land Use Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program (ACLUMP) Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Land use mapping provides nationally consistent land mapping at catchment and national level.