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Updated Roadmap for the ANZLIC Strategic Plan 2020-24

Updated roadmap to continue to implement the Strategic Plan 2020-24

ANZLIC has published its updated roadmap to continue to implement its Strategic Plan 2020-24.

The Strategic Plan aims to ensure ANZLIC’s strategy aligns with the current context for spatial data and supports ANZLIC’s vision that spatial capabilities and place-based intelligence drive social, economic and environmental benefits across Australia and New Zealand.

ANZLIC consulted with key stakeholders and the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) to develop the updated roadmap. A workshop was held on 23 February 2022 to discuss emerging trends and challenges and identify opportunities for enhanced collaboration. The summary report from the workshop is available here.

The updated roadmap outlines priority areas, including initiatives and enablers, as follows:

Priority Initiatives:

  • Modernise the Foundation Spatial Data Framework – to increase its accuracy and reliability and adopt 3D and 4D formats
  • Digital Twins – support the development of standards based digital twins
  • Space and Spatial – support downstream application of new space and satellite capabilities and data sources

Priority Enablers:

  • Skills and capabilities for the future – support opportunities to address surveying and spatial skills shortages and actively share and grow spatial capability
  • Effective collaboration and engagement – with stakeholders across industry, the research sector and government to drive spatial data outcomes
  • Support improved diversity and inclusion – leverage opportunities to advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the spatial sector.

ANZLIC’s updated roadmap includes activities for implementing on these priority areas, and is available here.