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ANZLIC Metadata Toolkit

The ANZLIC Metadata Toolkit for the ISO 19115-1 metadata standards was developed in 2020-2022 to support the implementation of the endorsed by ANZLIC Metadata to address two of strategic priorities identified in the ANZLIC's Strategic Plan 2020-2024: ‘Modernise ANZLIC’s Foundation Spatial Data Framework’ and ‘Improve spatial data delivery’.

The ANZMet Toolkit was developed by the Australian and New Zealand Location Information Metadata Working Group (ANZ MDWG) on behalf of ANZLIC.

The ANZMet Toolkit comprise a suite of resources that support the creation and validation of ANZLIC-compliant metadata:

  1. ICSM ISO 19115-1 Metadata Best Practice Guides for datasets, web services and products
  2. The ANZMet Lite V2 (version of March 2022)
  3. How to use the ANZMet Lite V2 tool (Ms Word document)
  4. Metadata: What is it, and why is it so important? (video)
  5. Fit for purpose metadata… Why do we need it? (video)

For more information about the ANZMet Toolkit, please contact by