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AS/NZS ISO 19115.1:2015 Metadata


This page contains information and resources to assist in the implementation of metadata standard AS/NZS ISO 19115.1:2015 - geographic information. Guidelines have been developed that provide comprehensive examples on how to implement some key elements. This page refers to the version of the 19115 standard approved in 2015. For previous versions of guidance, go to the ANZLIC Metadata Profile pages also on this website.

Metadata standard AS/NZS ISO 19115.1:2015 Geographic information - Metadata – Fundamentals has been approved for use by Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand and was published on 13 February 2015. ANZLIC recommends transition to this revised standard to better support sharing of digital information resources.

The previous metadata standard promoted by ANZLIC was a profile of AS/NZS ISO 19115:2011 Geographic Information – Metadata. The resources applicable to its implementation are maintained at the following link. The only difference between the ANZLIC Profile and the ISO 19115 standard was the conditionality of one element, the File Identifier which provides a unique identifier for the metadata record. All other elements and element conditions were the same.

Metadata Schema

The AS/NZS ISO 19115.1:2015 Schema provides the technical definition of the standard and is intended to provide tech-savvy implementers with detailed information for software development and other purposes.

The Schema is maintained on GitHub, the web-based Git repository hosting service. Below are the GitHub links for AS/NZS ISO 19115.1:2015


The AS/NZS ISO 19115.1:2015 Guidelines are contained in a companion document to the Schema and are suitable for a more general audience. The Guidelines provide comprehensive examples on how to implement some key elements of the standard.

The Guidelines adopt established Australian/New Zealand practice in the implementation of the standard. Widespread adoption of the Guidelines will facilitate interoperability within and between agencies and jurisdictions, both within the region and internationally, by providing a consistent basis for communicating information about resources.

Metadata Validator

The AS/NZS ISO 19115.1:2015 Validator is a service that compares a metadata record with the Schema and provides a result to assist compliance testing of metadata applications.

The validator has been developed and is hosted by Geoscience Australia.

Australia New Zealand Metadata Working Group

The Australia New Zealand Metadata Working Group (ANZMWG) provides support for the standard in the form of the resources on this page. It can be contacted via ANZMWG adheres to the following principles in developing guidelines. The metadata standard:

•          will better support modern sharing of digital information resources

•          enhances international collaboration by adopting the base standard

•          does not impose a technical change to the base standard, requiring understanding of both the third part metadata service providers and the international community

•          allows for better utilisation of the available elements, especially in management of constraints

•          promotes the high standing of Australia and New Zealand in respect to this and related standards


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