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Briefings & Communications

Date Briefing
16 November 2016 Geonext – Brisbane
19-21-October-2016 ICSM Meetings & Super Spatial Week - Perth
18-October-2016 ANZLIC Meeting - Perth
31-August-2016 LINK Registry preview to ANZLIC Contact Officers
10-August-2016 ANZLIC Contact Officers
28-July-2016 ANZLIC Meeting - Hobart
15-July-2016 FSDF Program Management Committee (PMC)
13-July-2016 ANZLIC Contact Officers
24-June-2016 FSDF Program Management Committee (PMC) - Progress Report
23-June-2016 FSDF Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
08-June-2016 ANZLIC Contact Officers
20-May-2016 Data Aggregator Meeting - Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) - Canberra / Videocon
12-May-2016 Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Meeting
14-April-2016 Locate 2016 – FSDF Briefing
12-April-2016 ANZLIC – the Spatial Information Council Meeting – FSDF Briefing
30-March-2016 Permanent Committee for Topographic Information (PCTI) meet to progress FSDF work programs
22-March-2016 ANZLIC – the Spatial Information Council and the CEO  of CRC for Spatial Information discussions on a 10 year roadmap for the spatial information sector
09-March-2016 Data Management, Sharing and Publishing Conference – FSDF Briefing
26-February-2016 Geoscience Australia Board – FSDF Briefing
17-February-2016 FSDF alignment with Bureau of Meteorology
16-February-2016 FSDF Sponsor’s meeting – Host: Geoscience Australia
11-February-2016 ICSM Review progress of FSDF & modernisation of Australia’s Datum