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Documents and Policies

Implementation of the FSDF will be guided by spatial information management policies that define a common approach to management of national-level spatial information. An overview of the policy documents provides guidance on their application and governance.

The policies have been developed in consideration of the broader national information management and policy environment, and explain the impact of legislation and policy covering privacysecurityintellectual property including guidance on licensing.

The FSDF relies on the adoption of international standards and their application across multiple jurisdictions and agencies will require a major coordination effort.

Custodianship and the foundation spatial data framework describe the structure and management arrangements for the FSDF and its data.

The access policy defines the current and aspirational frameworks for user access to the information given the evolving supply chain arrangements for source data. It also acknowledges increasing demand to make government-held data open and free to the end user and the increasing use of digital service delivery.

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