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Spatial themes and datasets will rarely be used in isolation. The purpose of the cross-theme is to capture activities which are needed to ensure the integrity of relationships between themes and datasets. The cross-theme activities are represented in the Roadmap and the coordination between themes occurs mainly through the Information Modelling Environment, will be available in 2015.


Project Management Committee, FSDF Sponsors


Roadmap for Cross Theme

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The roadmap outlines the development goals for the following three years, for all national foundation datasets within each theme. The goals are to be achieved in order to meet the defined end-state for the theme.



Click here for full version of the roadmap


  • Goals are owned by the theme sponsor to achieve within the FSDF governance framework
  • Goals are designated as funded/unfunded
  • The roadmap is approved by ANZLIC annually
  • The roadmap will be referenced as a benchmark in work plans and updates to ANZLIC
  • The roadmap is updated annually or on a major change as required


1. The roadmaps (and goals) are agreed by ANZLIC and FSDF sponsors. An unfunded goal indicates that the sponsor is actively seeking to resolve the funding issue. Where this cannot be resolved the sponsor may elevate the issue for the attention of ANZLIC.

2. Dataset custodians are identified in the Dataset Profiles available on this website and their role in the delivery of the roadmaps is critical. State/Territory jurisdictions are also integral to the implementation of the roadmaps.

3. Engagement with custodians and/or jurisdictions in the FSDF and roadmaps is an ongoing process through 2015.

Click here for full version of the roadmap