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ANZLIC Spatial Resource Discovery and Access Toolkit 2009

The ANZLIC Spatial Resources Discovery and Access Toolkit (ANZMet Toolkit) was developed in 2008-09 to support the implementation of the ANZLIC Metadata Profile as part of ANZLIC's role to "facilitate easy and cost effective access to ... spatial data and services". The ANZMet Toolkit was developed by the Office of Spatial Data Management on behalf of ANZLIC's Spatial Resources Discovery and Access Program Steering Committee. This Toolkit is no longer in production.

The ANZMet Toolkit comprise a suite of resources that support the creation and publication of ANZLIC-compliant metadata:

  1. Introduction and Education Program
  2. Producing your metadata using the ANZMet Lite Tool
  3. The ANZMet Lite Tool (version 1.04, June 2013)
  4. How to publish metadata

For more information about the ANZMet Toolkit, please contact by email.

The following resources were published as a CD-ROM and some copies are still available from ANZLIC - the Spatial Information Council. The resources available below have been reduced in size for ease of downloading.


These documents introduce the ANZLIC SRDaAP Toolkit and explain how a Toolkit user can create their own presentation using the Library of slides provided and the Research behind the slides used.  The ANZLIC Spatial Resource Discovery and Access Education Slide Library is currently a collection of 62 slides. The expectation is for about 10-15 of these to be chosen to customise a presentation about Spatial Metadata. The notes for the slides are chosen from the research document which contains notes and facts that can be used with each of the slides occuring in the Education Library powerpoint. It is to be used to customise the presentation that you wish to give - It is not meant to be a hand-out.

Producing your metadata using ANZMet Lite

This is an introduction to the following documentation that explains how to use the metadata entry tool.

ANZMet Lite quickStart presentations:

The Short User Guide provides plain language guidance about the information required to create an ANZLIC-compliant metadata record and references the profile elements contained in ANZMet Lite; including practical guidance on what information is required to be documented. The User Manual provides step-by-step guidance on how to create a metadata record using the ANZMet Lite metadata collection application. The guidance on how to create a template metadata record file for cloning using the ANZMet Lite was created after the original User Manual due to user interest.

The ANZMet Lite metadata collection tool is a basic, standalone application that supports the creation of an ANZLIC-compliant metadata record. The application is designed to self-install once the file has been unzipped and selected.

Contents of the ZIP file are:

  • anzmetlite_release_notes_1_04.txt [2 KB]
  • ANZMetLiteSetup.msi [3 MB]
  • setup.exe [224 KB]

'Metadata Bob' was a poster found on the NOAA Coastal Services Center metadata pages in 2008 and used in the Toolkit with their permission. It is a light hearted attempt to show the value of metadata.

Publishing your Metadata