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ANZLIC Strategic Plan 2020-24

The ANZLIC Strategic Plan 2020-24 sets out ANZLIC’s strategic and operational context and ANZLIC’s strategic priorities for 2020-24. These strategic priorities include:


1. Modernising foundation spatial information and data
2. Engagement and collaboration
3. Creating insights and influencing decision making
4. Spatial capabilities for the future
5. Future proofing – R&D and technology

The Strategic Plan also provides details of how ANZLIC will measure its success and a roadmap of key initiatives for 2020-24 to deliver on ANZLIC’s priorities.

Stakeholder consultation

In 2019, ANZLIC commenced work to refresh its Strategic Plan for 2020-24. This follows expiry of ANZLIC’s Strategic Plan 2016-19 and aims to ensure ANZLIC’s strategy aligns with the current context for spatial data across Australia and New Zealand.

Following strategic discussions at ANZLIC meetings in 2019, ANZLIC ran a focused workshop with key stakeholders on 24 October 2019 to inform the Strategic Plan.

The workshop provided an opportunity to gain insights from both spatial and non-spatial stakeholders across government, industry and the research sector; and for ANZLIC to test its early thinking on strategic priorities and key initiatives with stakeholders for feedback.

ANZLIC also used the workshop to gather feedback on ANZLIC’s Principles for Spatially Enabled Digital Twins of the Built and Natural Environment in Australia, which forms a key part of ANZLIC’s work to foster greater integration of spatial data with other built and natural environment information.

The workshop outputs from ANZLIC’s consultation with key stakeholders are available here.

The full Strategic Plan 2020-2024 and updates on implementation are available below: