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Launch of ANZLIC Strategic Plan 2020-24

11 Mar 2020

ANZLIC has published its Strategic Plan 2020-24, which outlines ANZLIC’s role, strategic priorities and key priority initiatives for 2020-24.

The updated Strategic Plan aims to ensure ANZLIC’s strategy aligns with the current context for spatial data and supports ANZLIC’s vision that spatial capabilities and place-based intelligence drive social, economic and environmental benefits across Australia and New Zealand.

In creating the Strategic Plan 2020-24, ANZLIC consulted with stakeholders from both spatial and non-spatial sectors across government, industry and the research sector to gather their insights and test key elements of the strategic plan.

In addition to ANZLIC’s strategic priorities, the Strategic Plan highlights the context and macro-level challenges relevant to spatial data going forward, how ANZLIC will measure its success, and a roadmap of key initiatives to deliver on ANZLIC’s 2020-24 priorities.

ANZLIC’s Strategic Plan 2020-24 is available online at